Hello world!

Welcome music lovers from all around the world!

The whole concept with the DJ Mebbe volumes started in April 2008 and the community has grown ever since. Due to the HUGE response from people enjoying the volumes all around the world, it was time to expand outside Facebook to start a new website.
“DJ Mebbe” still exist on Facebook but this website will be the main forum for releasing the volumes and bringing you the latest musicvideos and music.
I want to stress that this is only the groundwork of the DJ Mebbe.com and it will constantly grow and improve. Be sure to write in the comments what you would want in future upgrades so me and the team can do our best to bring them to reality.

I will try to implement some kind of ranking system for the videos where the “top 10″ best ranked videos/songs will be easy accessible. It is therefore crucial that you guy’s rate the posts [You rate the videos by giving it x amount of stars in the top right corner of the post]. The high ranked videos will also give me a clue of what you guys want more and less off in future volumes.

I want to thank DJ Nuro for helping me out with the website and I welcome him as one of the new admins of the website.
We will recruit new members as contributors to different genre’s as we get bigger. When a spot is available it will be announced on the website.
Enjoy, guys.. and remember that the site can only grow and the volumes can only keep coming if there is a demand for them!
So please spread the word about the site to all of your friends (Don’t be a douchebag-DJ! Remember that sharing is caring!).

Much luv to all of you for keep supporting and writing nice comments. Even if I don’t have the time to respond to them, I read them all!

DJ Mebbe

  • http://twitter.com/DJNuro DJ Nuro

    Finally launched! :) Thanks for mentioning me in the post, always happy to help out man! :)

  • Luegi

    What a great new website and a fantastic collection of music. keep up the good work.

  • Stir

    The wait is finally over…Keep up the good work DJ Mebbe and team.

  • http://www.facebook.com/chris.klugh Chris Klugh

    Long time fan of your work Mebbe, keep this coming!

  • Mabs

    great work dj mebbe and team…….the website looks awesome!keep it up and keep us update with new songs…….if ther was a possibilty u install a music player to let the visitor to get a preview on some hot music,it would be cool

    • http://www.djmebbe.com/ DJ Mebbe

      Was thinking about that. But it might be irritating for some :/

  • Marla manoj

    websitee awesume………….mannnn…..i reaaly likd dis stuff i hav startd downloadin ua volumes dec-08……………itz really gr8 ya………………

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