Chiddy Bang – Handclaps and Guitars (Track)

Chiddy Bang- Handclaps & Guitars (High Quality)

Okay for this one I’m not too sure: hit or shit?? Tell me in the comments!


  • GM

    I like it, its not a big club song, but its good! – Scotland

  • Dustin-thompson

    this is more then a hit, its the sound of a new movement of elemental music, as it they hash together the best of many worlds into one unique sound. Chiddy Bang Bang…

  • Killakev

    A good sound beetwen electro pop and hip hop song. The singer had a good flow and the beat is speed so I vote for a hit !!!

  • Ventura Franco

    Chiddy Bang is the master of beats & tunes.. hes very underrated but allot of famous hip hop songs are from his made

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