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Butch Clancy – A Beautiful Mind *Track*

Butch Clancy - A Beautiful Mind

A lot of you guys have asked for Trap so I’m gonna try to post as much as I can. My Trap favorite of the week is ‘Beautiful Mind’ from Butch Clancy, a fresh Trap banger that’s got me into Butch. With horn stabs, dirty Trap synths and that addictive 808 that we love, ‘A Beautiful Mind’ is definitely worth the listen.



Dada Life – So Young So High

Dada Life – So Young So High

Off of their album ‘The Rules of Dada’ that was recently released, ‘So Young So High’ is one of the hard, club-oriented tracks that confirms Dada Life’s reputation as some the of the craziest DJs in the business. Along with many other tracks in the album, I was very divided on this track, as although it’s something I’d like to hear at a gig, I can’t stand the high-pitched, cheesy vocals. I feel as though a little more effort could have made on Dada Life’s part when it comes to that.

Since I’m divided over it, I’m gonna ask you my favorite question: Hit or Shit?


Benny Benassi – Satisfaction (RL Grime Remix) (Track)

Benny Benassi Presents The Biz – Satisfaction (RL Grime Remix) (Cover Art)


RL Grime is one of the biggest names in Trap right now and his latest track shows you exactly why! His remix of Benny Benassi’s ‘Satisfaction’ takes Trap to a whole new level, and is sure to rock any crowd you play it for. Whether you’re a DJ, promoter, or just a listener, this track is a must-have. Make sure you listen to this track with something that can handle the bass…


Flosstradamus (feat. DJ Isaac) – Underground Anthem


Time for some Trap! It’s not often you get to see a music video for Trap music so this one is a treat, and who better to bring it to you than one of Trap’s biggest duos, Flosstradamus. ‘Underground Anthem’ was one of the big tracks off the ‘X’ LP, and it’s become one of their biggest hits, so check it out!


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Hardwell – BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix

Hardwell – BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix

The BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix has been a place for the industry’s biggest DJs to show the world what they can do. One of the latest to take the stage was world #6 DJ Hardwell, laying down two hours of non-stop energy. Hardwell even tells us during the mix that “The next 2 hours will be a showcase of my favorite productions, a lot of new mash-ups, even a few special ones just for this Essential Mix, and of course, a lot of unreleased stuff from my label Revealed Records.”, so it’s definitely worth the listen!

Keep reading for the full tracklist below.


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Rihanna – Cockiness (Hedspin & Grandtheft Remix) *Track*

Cockiness (Hedspin & Grandtheft Remix) [Free Download]

Trap music anyone? You may have noticed in the last volume that there was a lot of Trap music, as it’s becoming one of the biggest sounds you hear around clubs these days. Hedspin & Grandtheft definitely follow up with their remix of Rihann’s ‘Cockiness’. This one’s up for free download so go grab it now!

- Makoto

Dada Life – Feed the Dada

Dada Life – Feed the Dada (OFFICIAL VIDEO)


Have you fed the Dada yet? I really suggest you feed the Dada.

If you follow Dada Life on their social networks you’ll see that when they made the track, they claimed that ‘Feed The Dada will have the biggest drop ever”. And they were right. If you’re looking for more heavy drops, check out the Dyro remix and the Dice Motion remix which you can see if you ‘Continue Reading’.


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Chris Lawyer – Do The Lawyer (Mezara)

You liked Chris Lawyer’s last video pretty much for the last time, so here is the new one which actually features the same loop.
Listen & enjoy!

-Slim Diesel

R.I.O. Feat. U-Jean – Summer Jam

R.I.O. Feat. U-Jean – Summer Jam (Official Video HD)

Another great song for this hot summer. What do you think?


Psy – Gangnam Style


Korean LMFAO? Love it, love it, LOVE IT!
And so will you! People should give more attention to great music outside North America and Europe.
You want to see this in the next volume? (to be honest.. even if you don’t, it will be included because of it’s greatness)


- DJ Mebbe